10 Tips para un SysAdmin con GNU/Linux según la IBM

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Así es, la IBM publicó 10 Puntitos a tener en cuenta como SysAdmin con GNU/Linux:

There are thousands of tricks you can learn from someone’s who’s an expert at the command line. The best ways to learn are to:

* Work with others. Share screen sessions and watch how others work—you’ll see new approaches to doing things. You may need to swallow your pride and let other people drive, but often you can learn a lot.
* Read the man pages. Seriously; reading man pages, even on commands you know like the back of your hand, can provide amazing insights. For example, did you know you can do network programming with awk?
* Solve problems. As the system administrator, you are always solving problems whether they are created by you or by others. This is called experience, and experience makes you better and more efficient.

I hope at least one of these tricks helped you learn something you didn’t know. Essential tricks like these make you more efficient and add to your experience, but most importantly, tricks give you more free time to do more interesting things, like playing video games. And the best administrators are lazy because they don’t like to work. They find the fastest way to do a task and finish it quickly so they can continue in their lazy pursuits.

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